I am Peppa Dog, formerly ‘Bess’ and I was adopted in March 2013 from AWL shelter on the Gold Coast. I’m a Chocolate Labrador and I love my new life with my new family.

My mum and dad tell me that a few months before I was adopted they lost a much loved furry family member and their world was turned upside down they missed her so much. The reason they decided to adopt me was they had so much more love to give and their remaining dog was suffering badly being alone … So I came along and bam the family was completed and I am loved and cared for each and every day with lots of pats, attention and play time.

As a Labrador I am particularly playful and boisterous which means I basically hit stuff with my tail when I’m happy (more often than not breaking stuff), I’m more prone to just sitting myself in front of your face (to get first pats of course) and finally I love to follow everyone (particularly the girl toddler my parents have) we get on like a house on fire! Some days she lays all over my belly and gives me tickles for hours, whilst others I lick her face and try to eat all her snack foods mum gives her to eat. I hate saying this but I’ve also been known to eat a few barbies and mega bloks which I don’t think mum knows about yet.

All in all life is grand, I’ve come a long way from meeting my new furry sister in the yard at awlqld to now being an established member of a family that loves me so much I get a schmacko everyday!!! Thank you for saving me and giving me another chance, I’ve made the most of each and everyday and I look forward to playing with my furry sister, being spoilt by mum and dad, being cuddled by my toddler best friend and meeting our new baby come September 2014.


Peppa Dog