Here is my story about my adoption of Petal (now Pebbles) from Animal Welfare League Beenleigh Rehoming Centre at Stapylton.

Hi. I am Melinda from Currumbin Waters. I adopted Petal (now Pebbles) from the Animal Welfare League Beenleigh Rehoming Centre at Stapylton on the 6th October 2012, a very lovely 5 month year old puppy with an extremely sweet and soft nature.

 I had wanted a dog for a very long time and the day finally came that I found my Pebbles! I remember the day very vividly, her sweet face peering at me through her door, her beautiful coat with such unusual markings… 

Since adopting her, my life has changed for the better! She has brought me so much joy and happiness and I look forward to each and every day with her. I love her so much and my life is fuller and more enriched now with an added bonus, I’ve lost 5 kilos!!

Pebbles’ has settled in very well in her new home. She has developed into a much more confident and enthusiastic dog.

 I must add here that she is not as quiet as she once was!! She has revealed a very energetic cheeky side (which I really love mind you) whilst she continuously displays that soft sweetness that originally drew me too her.

She is a loving, attentive, beautiful, cute, active, sweet, funny and clever girl! She has learnt so much in such a short time and I am so proud of her.

She can do all the basic commands and teaching her new tricks is fun, exciting and rewarding for the both of us! She has more toys than any dog I know! She can even fetch some of them by name… piggy (that oinks!), rope, ball and bunny (that squeaks!).

 We hang out together, we play together and we keep each other company. I awake every morning anticipating her enthusiastic good morning kisses and cuddles and look forward to them when I come home from work too. Being the sweet girl that she is I get lots of them every day!

I am so very glad that I decided to adopt a dog. I feel that it creates a special bond between you, an unspoken gratitude on both sides. I look forward to spending my future with her; I just can’t imagine my life without her.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at the Beenleigh Rehoming Centre. They were very helpful and patient with me during the many times I came to the shelter. Also a very special thanks to Theresa and Helen (I am sure you remember me!). You all do an amazing job there and us dog lovers wish you a really huge “thank you”.  

Kind regards
Melinda Hughes