Linda from Townsville had been looking for a Shi-Tzu for quite some time. She liked the breed and had always wanted one of her own. The only criteria Linda had for a new pet was that it needed to be a rescue pet.

She wanted to save a life.

Linda had been following the AWLQ website for quite some time and when she saw Pip’s profile, she thought he could possibly be the dog for her. With the decision made she booked a plane ticket and made the journey south to meet him.

Five year old Pip was a special little guy. He was very loving and playful but sadly had deformities in his leg. It didn’t impact his quality of life but meant he would tire quickly when playing. Linda was informed of this prior to her visit but unlike other people who had been to visit Pip she didn’t mind one bit.

When Linda arrived at the Beenleigh Rehoming Centre to meet her new little guy she was overjoyed when he came and sat on her lap to say hi. She loved his happy nature and decided that he was the dog for her. Pip will board a plane back to Townsville today with his new mum who says he will enjoy daily swims in the Coral Sea, doggy day care and lots of love.

AWLQ would like to send a big thank you Linda for making such a big effort to adopt your new pal