The Animal Welfare League QLD is looking for space in the Ipswich community to hold POP UP animal adoptions to increase rehoming figures.

AWLQ has been operating out of their Hooper Street Rehoming Centre but have had great success when taking their homeless animals to the people instead of waiting for families to visit the centre.

AWLQ spokesperson Brooke Whitney says the non profit organisation has held successful adoption days in business car parks, pet shops and parks and is asking the community to offer free space for future pop ups.

“There are people in Ipswich still don’t know who we are or what we do. Being able to get out in busy community centres allows us to promote our pets and the importance of adoption and desexing.

The AWLQ Ipswich Rehoming Centre currently has 291 animals in care with 17 available for adoption at the rehoming centre.

“We have more than 200 cats and kittens in foster care waiting for space at the shelter. As soon as the animals we currently have are adopted these homeless pets will take their place”, Ms Whitney says.

The AWLQ is also looking for feline loving businesses that have space in their workplace that would like to help rehome shelter cats.

“Our rehoming centre is full so if you own a business and would like to have an office cat while it’s waiting for a new home then we would love to hear from you,” Ms Whitney says.

The AWLQ would provide everything the cat would need including kitty litter, food and toys.

“If you would like to learn more about this rehoming program please phone 07 55 099 014”

AWLQ Communications Manager Brooke @ Pop Up Pets