AWLQ is encouraging families to adopt a shelter pet for Christmas by slashing their adoption prices this weekend to $37 for dogs and $27 for cats.

In a bid to entirely empty their Rehoming Centres, AWLQ hope to find homes for over 200 animals in just two days.

AWLQ spokesperson Zoe Hermans says the annual event ‘Project Empty Shelter’ will find homes for over 200 animals in two days.

“Last year’s event was huge with 256 animals finding new homes during the sale. This year we hope to surpass that number and rehome 100% of the animals that are currently available for adoption,” says Ms Hermans.

Ms Hermans says that people should not be concerned about the promotion encouraging impulse adopters or people buying pets as Christmas gifts. In fact she claims that, contrary to popular belief, Christmas is the perfect time to adopt a pet.

“Getting a pet for Christmas is the greatest gift of all – for both the human and the animal,” says Ms Hermans.

“Traditionally we have been taught that purchasing a pet at Christmas time is bad thing, but research from both here and overseas has proven that the pets-as-presents ‘problem’ is actually a bit of a myth.”

“Yes, our shelters are at capacity right now and it is likely to get worse after Christmas, but the reasons for that are not as simple as an influx of ‘unwanted Christmas presents.,” says Ms Hermans.

“It is a combination of many different factors that occur this time of year, such as breeding season, thunder storms, fireworks and owners taking holidays, which lead to an increase in stray and abandoned animals – it has very little to do with actual Christmas.”

AWLQ has seen 20,000 animals through their doors this year – a record number for the grassroots animal charity, which relies on community donations to fund their Gold Coast shelter’s rehoming program.

“We are desperate to get all these animals into homes before the post-Christmas influx arrives,” says Ms Hermans.

“All our animals for adoption are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and health checked, which means getting a dog for $37 or cat for $27 is a bargain!”