Hi old friends from the AWL! You might remember me, I went by the name of Puff Puff and I am a stunning white cat, you snapped a photograph of me napping with a baggie of catnip. Well that photo did the trick! This shy and almost terrified woman came to see me, the poor thing, you could tell she had previously had a bad experience with cats because she was too scared to pat me. But as scared as she was you could see in her eyes that she was smitten. The friendly staff member left her in the pen and she chatted to me in a lovely soothing voice but still she was too afraid to touch me.

Now I didn’t think that she would be ’The One’ but a short time later I was bundled into a kitty carrier and my new friend took me home. She put the carrier down in the lounge room of her home and her husband watched curiously as she let me out and I took my first step into my forever home. Now he was a cat person, you could tell! My new family immediately set up a few comfortable kitty beds and put out some lunch. For the first few weeks I was very timid but as time went by I became comfortable and happy in my forever home and even the timid, frightened woman would give me the best pats and scratches behind the ears.

2 years on and my life couldn’t be better! My family moved into a bigger home so I have so much space to run around in and hide. I have become very accomplished at kitty ambushes. I get 3 meals a day and all the cuddles and chin rubs I could ever want. I get to sleep on the bed on warmer nights but do enjoy a snooze under the blankets when it’s a little cooler. I recently went to the vet for a check up and he commented on what a lovely cat I was and that I am clearly taken care of although I could with losing 300-400 grams.

Now I am counting down the days until I get myself another feline playmate around the house to keep me company.


Mishka Wojcik