Despite having boy names eight year old Reggie and five year old Alfie were the most affectionate ladies who were surrendered together when their owner relocated overseas.

Having lived together their entire lives this bonded pair were inseparable. Young Alfie would run rings around her older sister who enjoyed watching her shenanigans and would allow her to lap up the attention when volunteers took them for a walk. Alfie would do just about anything for a belly rub and wasn’t afraid to roll around on the ground in front of someone until they would submit to give her a scratch.

It was during one of these dog walking sessions that Reggie and Alfie caught the eye of Virginia who had just started volunteering with the dog team at the AWLQ. She had always had dogs and when they recently passed away she thought volunteering would be a great way to meet a potential new pet.

Virginia spent over a week contemplating taking on two dogs and when they were still waiting after last weekends big rehoming campaign she knew they were the dogs for her.

Virginia adopted our sweet pair on Tuesday and we are looking forward to hearing all about their adventures in their new family.