We went to AWL Gold Coast shelter looking for an adult cat to complete our household of two adults, five children and one timid cat. We saw the AWL feature a cat called Samuel and thought we would take a visit. We met Samuel, a five year old adult cat and saw he was confident and bold – just what a house full of kids needs.

We took him back to Brisbane, enduring his constant meowing, and settled him in. He has pretty much taken over the house. We renamed him Richie, after the well known All Black Richie McCaw. He is the most athletic cat we have ever seen. Weighing in at 8kg of muscle, he can scale trees easily, and jumps off the deck to go outside rather than go through the door.

He is very affectionate – although little on the nippy side. I now know not to turn my back to him when he is on the couch as my bottom has seen a few nips from time to time! Still, he is loved, and we know nothing of his past so we can’t be sure what sort of life he had for the five years before we got him. The life he has now is full of pats, head scratches, yummy food and snuggles in bed. Richie came to the right furever home.