On the 5th of January 2012 we lost our beautiful Dog Rowdy of 12 years.
We had adopted him in Toowoomba to grow up with a child we never could have.

Friday night 2012 I had slept out overnight on the wood patio with my Companion, protector, my little boy, Rowdy.

Looking into his eyes and telling him it was alright to go now and that he had been the most wonderful friend confidant and dog son anyone could wish for.
So this year 2013 I opened the blinds to the patio from our bedroom to honour him and Bizarrely enough, Rowdy who chased the neighbours cat from our yard often, Sent the neighbours cat flying across our yard again this night – maybe with his spirit? I found it funny and comforting.

As people know 2012 was a difficult year for our families.
But this year 2013, my year of the Snake we were sure would be the best.

Soo, Saturday morning 5th Janaury 2012 while I started to seriously clean the house I decided to go to the Hairdressers ready for the following weekend outing.
So I called and they had time at 11.15am. So as the time drew close I searched for my car Keys. Could not find them anywhere so I found the spares but did not have spare
House keys. So I went out the side door left it unlocked and jumped in the car, only to find the battery was dead. Good grief. So I called the Hair dresser and said I was walking
And would be a little late. They were running late too so it fitted perfect.

On arrival at the Hairdresser’s they were finishing off the last client so I decided to look on the Animal Welfare League Gold Coast website for a Puppy as I had been for last 6 months.
Probably would not have looked til later that day, but I was sitting the chair and it came to mind.
To my excitement there were 2 Kelpie Cross Cattle Dogs for the first time in months but there was no photo. So frantically I called the Animal Refuge, went through the tortuous
Push 1 for this and 3 for that thinking someone was taking my puppy the whole time.
Finally I got through and I asked the lovely people at the Shelter about, “BOP” –
It had been a Big day at the Shelter the day he arrived and the poor tyke had been given this name along with his
Brother “BIP”!

So on asking “BOP’s” colour they said, Tan and White – I thought this is him. The one we have been waiting for.
Unbelievably, I thought, if the heavens have wanted us to have him, he will be there after my hair is done!
Although I fretted the whole time thinking I will never forgive myself if I lose this Puppy.
So on leaving the Haridressers I called RACQ to get my car started and prayed they would not take long, 40 minutes was there answer.
Geesh, I knew it would be but thought maybe they will get here faster, maybe it’s a slow day.

So I got back to the house and searched for my Car key’s again – hoorar – found them so jumped back in the car –
And unbelievably the car started! Called and cancelled RACQ – sounded like a chipmunk on the phone trying to cancel it as I just wanted to get there.
So rushing to the Animal Shelter I caught every red light! Typical! Talking to myself the whole way, come on come on… he’s waiting!!!

I burst through the Shelter’s doors past the front desk and headed for the first cages and there stood a small group of people looking
At what I could only think was my boy!
So I dashed there and glanced to see a tan puppy, I rushed past the other cages….no other tan puppies.
I dashed to the office as I thought the only way to get him was to go to the office and ask one of the staff to bust him out of there!

They asked if I had filled out a form, babbling I said no, I will have one now. Snatched the form and the lady behind the counter signalled a staff member I was on my way.
As I rushed down the stairs the lovely Anna came out of the side building and looked at me. I said yes it’s me your looking for. We walked quickly to the cage.
I waited as Anna carried him to a secure area away from everyone.

Anna put him in my arms and as he looked up at me, curled safely in my arms the tears dripped of my nose onto his.
His beautiful shining eyes lit up my heart as he snuggled into my neck to reassure me everything would be alright.
Although I thought he was thinking, I don’t want to go home with this crying nutter!
As I sat and cried for what felt like the next hour with him, only minutes in the real world, Anna retuned and I said this is him, he’s ours.

I proceeded to tell her that on this day a year ago our Dog Rowdy had gone to heaven at 3pm and he had obviously set this whole day up!
I watched as what looked like Anna breaking the news to the people waiting outside “Rowdie-Bop’s” “ cage.
This disappointed look on their faces resonated with me as I had been through that disappointment for 6 months on our search.

The cruncher came, when I put “Rowdie” on the ground to see if he would return to me.
He turned and ran back and then put his paws on my lap. I walked him on the lead and in his own little shy michievious way glued himself to my leg.

I called my husband Scott to tell him, he couldn’t understand a word. I kept saying, It’s Him It’s him. In my emotional state I mis-understood Anna as she
Was telling me about his immunisation. I had thought she said he still had to have a needle on Monday so we couldn’t have him til then.
So that is what I told Scott. So when Anna said you can take him home now I could hardly contain myself.
There was bad phone reception in the forest area so I couldn’t call Scott back. So I decided I would not
Tell him I had Rowdie with me. I received a text from Scott, “When are you going to call, it feels like Your in labour and I can’t wait!”
Laughing I called him and continued the charade. Knowing his excitement when he got home from work would be worth it.

Anna returned and said we could start the paperwork and that he would have to be picked up to get to the office as
He couldn’t walk on the lead yet, hmm let’s have a go, he walked beside me until we got to a scary gate with flurescent signage.
That would scare anyone, so I picked him up and we starting filling out the paperwork.

Staff came around to say good-bye and tell him how cute he was as he sat happily on my lap for ages and had a little chew of the couch and the table!

In asking his age, Anna said we don’t often have an exact age but it is listed here precisely as 21st of October…. I threw my hands over my mouth, grabbed
My wallet and thrust it open to my drivers licence. Anna , that’s my Birthday!!

This little caramel bundle of joy had been sent as a shining light to fill our hearts again with love.

At 5.45pm after Scott had stopped for Take away thinking we were celebrating for Monday – and that adding to the torture of waiting for him to get home –
and also Scott contemplating playing Cards with mates, I stood just out of view in our hall with our new addition in my arms.
As the garage door closed and I heard Scott walking closer I walked into view and said ‘Surprise”! Scott’s face was the same as mine earlier in the day. That’s him!!!

Thank you to Anna and the wonderful staff at Gold Coast Animal Shelter. They were so understanding as I cried my way through the afternoon.

We are again the happiest Puppy Parents!

When people ask, “Why would you name your dog the same as the last one, we didn’t, it’s spelt different!

Madison Hebbard