The economic downturn, natural disasters, low adoptions figures and the high number of surrendered animals is having a severe impact on the Animal Welfare League’s ability to perform to their usual capability.

We are really struggling to keep our shelter doors open, Marketing Manager Brooke Whitney says.
“Most people don’t realise it, but animal rescues, and shelters get hit hard during a tough economy. You have people who have to surrender their animals due to not having the resources to take care of them, far less adoptions due to people not having the funds to afford a pet, and even fewer foster carers and volunteers due to the fact that people are having to work longer hours or more jobs to keep up.

“We are doing everything in our power to save the small amount of money we do have, which has unfortunately included cut backs on staff. Cutting back though will ultimately have a chain reaction and affect the number of animals we can care for,” Ms Whitney says. Currently in Australian pounds and shelters the national average for euthanising cats is 60-70% the AWLQ Gold Coast euthanise just 24%. While the national average for dogs is 30-40% the AWLQ Gold Coast is 9%.

“We promote a zero euthanasia policy of healthy and sociable animals and have done so for both cats and dogs since 2009, but if we don’t get substantial funding soon we will be going backwards instead of forwards”, Ms Whitney says.

“We need the communities support now more than ever, if you are thinking of getting a pet, come and adopt from us, give a cash donation, leave pet food in one of our donation bins, shop at our op shops, volunteer to walk a dog or foster an animal, if you own a business support one of our donation boxes or hold a food drive, every little bit helps”, Ms Whitney says.

The AWLQ need an extra $60,000 a month to cover the loss they incur from feeding and caring for the Gold Coast animals that are strays or have been surrendered.

The Animal Welfare League is also calling out to Gold Coast businesses for corporate sponsorship.
“We would love Gold Coast businesses to sponsor a kennel. For just $500 they will receive signage on the kennel and help feed the animals who pass through it”, Ms Whitney says.

For more information, statistics or an interview please call Brooke Whitney on
(07) 5509 9030 or email