After the devastating loss of our beloved fur baby Lola, my husband and I decided to pass on Lola’s legacy by rescuing another cat. We walked into the AWLQ shelter on a Saturday morning ”just for a look” and there she was: Her previous name was Juno, but we have called her Saidie.

I immediately fell completely in love with her and I just couldn’t leave without her. We brought her home and she hid for the first day, but then, with some coaching, she timidly ventured out….Fast forward a week and she totally OWNS the house!

Saidie and our other cat, Megs, have become best friends and I could not be happier with our beautiful new girl! She has brought sunshine back into our lives and we are ever so grateful to the shelter and her previous foster carer for taking such good care of her before we found her! She has found her forever home, and we have found another forever fur baby!