We adopted Sally in April 2012, then 6 months old.
We chose her after falling in love with her picture uploaded on the facebook site.
Since getting her home, she has settled in better than we ever hoped.
She is best friends to our 3 children. Loves to go on her 5km runs with her owner, and loves to sit by us in the evening.
She is also a foster sister to many dogs, and gets along well with every one of them, showing them the ropes and playing with them. We haven’t had a dog in the yard that Sally hasn’t liked.
Her nature is playful, but very gentle with the kids. Being part beagle, she definitely has her nose to the ground a lot of the time, but she is very responsive when we call her.
Dog park trips are always fun with Sally running about and meeting all the other dogs.
I cannot imagine our family being complete without her.

Thanks AWL GC for allowing us to complete our family with the addition of Sally.
From the Douglas Family (Steve, Sarah, Brianna, Caitlin, Eliza and Sally).