Hi there,

Just thought you might like an update on the wonderful kitten we adopted!

A year ago this week, we collected eight week old Mike, who we promptly renamed Captain, from the Warra shelter. He was playful and silly and an absolute delight to have in our family.

He has grown into a wonderful cat. He is a gentle and kind friend to us and I cannot imagine life without him now. He has learned some tricks (sitting, shaking hands and standing on two legs) and has even made a few thousand friends on instagram  – his name is @captain_kitty_cat if you want to look him up!

Every day I am so thankful that somebody at AWLQ took the time and trouble to care for him when he was young. He is such a unique cat and my family would be incomplete without him. We love him so much. Thank you AWLQ. You have blessed us more than you could know. ~ Sara Diyn