We were on the hunt for a boxer/ cross dog primarily as a companion for our other 1 year old boxer cross. This is because our first dog is a ’high energy’ dog and needed a compatible dog to run around with on our acreage. Well, we came across the photos of Spot and Snooker in February 2011, and had to wait anxiously until the weekend to drive to Stapylton to meet them. Spot looked like a purebred boxer, and his sister looked like a kelpie. We finally chose Snooker and are so glad that we did. We renamed her Molly and she is so smart. She enjoys her training and going to meet her other friends at the dog park. We go on walks every day and she has a great time playing with our other dog Daisy. She’s the same size as Daisy, and has the same energy levels, thankfully. We are so blessed to have these dogs in our family. Thank you to AWL for giving us the opportunity to love and care for Molly. She’s great.

Angela Royle