Ever wondered what your dog was trying to tell you with constant barking, jumping or destructive behaviour? There are reasons behind their actions. The AWLQ Education Team is holding a series of free seminars in Ipswich to help you understand your best friend.

“It’s a proactive approach initiated by AWLQ and the Ipswich City Council to not only reduce the number of complaints but give people the tools to understand their dog,” AWLQ Education Program Co-ordinator Kathryn Calthorpe said.

The one and a half hour seminar is free for Ipswich residents, and will give them an invaluable insight into their dog’s behaviour.

“Dogs use their whole bodies to communicate with us; eyes, ears, tail, mouth,” Ms Calthorpe said.

“So it’s important that you understand the signals you’re being given and have the tools to respond.

“Dogs, and cats, are the most wonderful companions and it’s so important that you both get the best out of your relationship.”

The Free Dog Behaviour Seminar is being held on Wednesday March 23. Bookings are essential, with final bookings accepted by close of business on Monday, March 21.

Places are filling fast! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with your best friend.

Speaking your dogs language