Want some puppy love with no strings attached? For a limited time, a select number of dogs at AWLQ rehoming centres will be eligible for a FREE 21 DAY ADOPTION TRIAL.

Families are invited to trial a dog for 21 days to help create space at AWLQ’s rehoming centres that currently have no room spare for any new animals in need.

Every kennel is full and until the dogs are rehomed or fostered the AWLQ is unable to take any more animals in.

AWLQ spokesperson Brooke Whitney says anyone looking for a pet to love can drop in to Gold Coast, Beenleigh or Ipswich Rehoming Centre and ‘try a dog before you buy’.

“Our rehoming centres are full of family orientated dogs looking for love; AWLQ is inviting the public to trial a pet during the school holidays and if they like it they can adopt,” Ms Whitney says.

“If the trial is a success, then the dog gets a new home. If the trial doesn’t end in an adoption, at the very least our dogs would have had a great ‘Spring break’ and AWLQ will gain valuable information about the dogs personality in a home environment,” Ms Whitney says.

AWLQ is also offering a discounted adoption fee on all dogs taken for the trial period.

“If the family decide to keep their ‘Spring Break’ dog the adoption fee will be $47, (normally $250) Ms Whitney says.