On Anzac Day 2004 my husband & I adopted the most wonderful dog in the world from AWL Gold Coast. One of the lovely ladies working there had named him Sprocket which was totally appropriate so the name stayed.

Sprocket was about 12mths old so has just celebrated his 11th birthday with us & I am still thankful everyday that we were the ones lucky enough for this beautiful boy to join our family.

He has been my faithful companion all these years & together we have embarked on many adventures including agility, a TV commercial, obedience with a little Rally-O thrown in. He truly is an amazing dog that gives you his all.

He’s a retired man of leisure these days but his favourite things in the world (apart from food) are still swimming & fetch. Thank-you Sprocket for 10 years of wonderful companionship & thanks AWL for all the great work you do.
Carolyn & Jason (& Sprocket)