Little Sushi arrived at the AWLQ in April very unwell. She was cared for in our vet clinic for six weeks and was then found to have a urinary problem. It was decided that Sushi would need a special diet going forward to ensure she stayed in tip top shape.

Sushi is a Staffy x Fox Terrier mix and got the best from both breeds. She was loving and affectionate yet playful and cheeky. She also had an under bite which made her look as though she was always poking her tongue out. This trait made people fall in love with her.

Sushi had been with the AWLQ for almost three months before the Schmidt family arrived looking for a family pet. They had two young children and wanted a dog they could grow up with. They didn’t have a particular breed in mind but were definitely keen on a dog with a loving nature.

When our staff member Jake recommended Sushi the Schmidt’s were very excited. They took Sushi out to the training yards where the kids met and fell in love with Sushi. She was the perfect size, playful and happy to cuddle. It was decided that Sushi would be the dog for them.

Four days after Sushi was adopted Tom Schmidt got in touch and said that they love their new addition and that Sushi had settled in perfectly.

Thank you for choosing to adopt!