Tammy( previously Petunia) the Tabby came into our lives only two weeks ago. We can’t believe how she has accepted that she is here forever!

She has so much character and has won over our older cat, Mindy ( also adopted from AWL nearly 10 years ago) and our two dogs, Charlie (another AWL adoptee-Bichon Frise/Maltese ) and Huey ( Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from the Cavalier Rescue) Tammy is quite happy to join us at bedtime and spends lots of time playing with the many toys etc- her favourite is the common cardboard box!

We had forgotten how much pleasure a young cat can give! I really wasn’t ready to have another cat after losing my dear ’ol Teddy Teakles but my husband made the decision to go to AWl and Tammy decided to pick us! Keep up the fantastic work you all do- regards, Gill, Gordon and Karen (and um, Mindy, Charlie and Huey!,)