You should never judge a book by its cover and you should certainly never judge a dog by their markings. Statistics show that brindle and black dogs can find it harder to find a home than their colourful counterparts and are often left to wait weeks and weeks for their forever families to find them.  This was the reality for gorgeous one year old Tasha the Kelpie x Staffy who waited patiently at the front of her kennel for almost a month. This sweet natured girl was very friendly, incredibly smart and longed for a family to call her own.

Debra and Steven Ross arrived at the rehoming centre to look at for a dog. Debra was especially excited because growing up she was never allowed a pet of her own and she was finally in a position where she could adopt. As they spoke to the rehoming team about what they would like in a pet it became clear that Tasha may in fact be the perfect match.

When Tasha met Debra and Steven her tail wagged and she stood close to soak up all the cuddles and pats before racing around the yard to stretch her legs. The couple loved her free spirit and new she was the dog for them.

Tasha has been renamed Sasha and we hear she is the most spoilt dog. She is settling into her new home perfectly and spends her time inside on the couch relaxing or exercising with her new parents.

If you are looking for a new pet be sure not to walk past one of our brindle beauties – you won’t be disappointed.