When I first volunteered at Animal Welfare League QLD’s Gold Coast shelter I met my first Greyhound. I was absolutely captivated by these gentle, sweet natured yet playful dogs however I thought I could not adopt one as I had an elderly Siamese cat and many warned me that this was a risky combination. However I was so drawn to them that eventually when one needed fostering I “grovelled” to my husband, (who did not want a dog under any circumstances), to let me care for lovely Tess.

I just cannot tell you how easily she fit into our home, her manners were delightful and her sweet nature captivated the whole family including my son who has a disability and my elderly mother who now complains if I do not take Tess with me to visit.
Tess and our cat soon learned the ground rules and learned to coexist. My husband built what the neighbours call “The Taj Mahal” of a kennel with ColourBond roof and wool insulation, although Tess spends most of the time in the house!

Wherever we go people stop to admire our gorgeous girl who has brought so much happiness through her “failed foster”.

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