My partner, Tim, and I had a very beautiful little furry child already but as much as we spent time with him, played & exercised him, when it came for us to leave for work or even just socially, our little one would become down & upset. He would spend his time when we returned home snuggled between us touching both of us until he fell asleep. We decided it might be time to expand our little family, and give Texy some company when we were at work.

We spent months looking through animal rescue sites, and trying to decide whether it was the right decision. One day, whilst on Facebook a pic popped up of a little boy, Clyde, snuggled in between the photographers legs. He was a staff x blue heeler (tex is a staff x kelpie) and the caption noted how timid and shy he was but when he was offered snuggles and cuddles he curled up and fell asleep on the photographer. I don’t know what exactly it was, but he was ours. I called Tim and he found Clyde’s story, hung up & drove to him with Tex in tow. Two days later he was home with us with a new name (Alfie), a new big brother and the smooshiest bed there ever was.

We love him so so very much. Alfie loves to snuggle and creeps into bed with us every night, he loves to bounce the ball himself and catch it, and has learned to take baths with his big bro Tex showing him that they are really just rubs with soap. He loves his kiddy pool, and has stopped being scared of the hose. He likes to share beds with Tex when it storms & will eat anything (including flea tablets straight up) as a treat.

He is our little weirdo, and we couldn’t imagine life without him.