Thanks for the great work you all do!

Jasper (his old name) arrived at the Ipswich Rehoming Centre after being surrendered by a girl who was not able to keep him at her rental property. We found Jasper through the AWLQ website and drove the two hours from our place at Lennox Head, NSW, to Ipswich, QLD to see him. It was love at first sight. He came home with us that day to meet his two new cat sisters Chilli and Delilah (both rescues from when we lived in Sydney).

He was 12 weeks old.

Whenever my wife and I get a new animal we spend the entire drive home rattling off names until we land on the right one.

We decided to call him Archie.


Archie is now almost two (24th Nov) and lives the beach life with us on the Gold Coast. Still with his cat sisters, and his little sister Betty Mae.


archie 3

Archie and Betty love their early morning walks to Currumbin Beach for a swim, kicking mum and dad out of bed, and wrestling with the cats. Here we are waiting for our morning coffee…


Anyway, the title of this post is “Thank you” and we really do thank you.

Archie is the best dog ever: sensitive, obedient, ever so gentle with small kids and super-loving.

He gets stopped on the street all the time for people to ask us what breed he is and tell us they’d never seen such a good looking dog. I actually got in trouble from a lady for having him desexed! She wanted to stud him!

If it wasn’t for the amazing work all of you do, I’d never have found my best friend.