From Friday the 1st to the 10th of August the AWLQ is challenging residents to help rehome 10 large breed dogs daily from their three rehoming centres.

The Animal Welfare League QLD will drop large breed dog adoption prices to just $10, (normally $250) for the 10 days as an added incentive for people to come and adopt.

Communications Manager Brooke Whitney says the AWLQ hope to rehome all of their long term dogs.

“Our large breed dogs are the first to be surrendered and usually wait in shelters longer because people believe they need more space and attention than their smaller counterparts,” Ms Whitney says.

“We have some dogs that have been waiting for a home since February that we would love to see find a home during our promotion,” Ms Whitney says.

Ms Whitney says the number one reason for dog surrender is because people cannot find pet friendly rentals to live in with their pets.

“We are finding the people who move in to rental apartments and units have size restrictions on what pets they are allowed to own and with most body corporate having a limit of 10kilos or less the bigger breed dogs are sadly surrendered to the AWLQ.

The AWLQ is encouraging the entire community who can give a home to a large breed dog to visit their closest shelter.

“If you can’t adopt you can always tell your friends about our campaign or share our animal photos with your social networks. It’s about getting the word out there and we need the communities help to change the lives of homeless animals,” Ms Whitney says.

The campaign will run at the Gold Coast, Beenleigh and Ipswich Rehoming Centres. To view animals available for adoption log on to