Looking forward to your New Year’s celebrations? Your pet isn’t…for dogs and cats it can be a truly terrifying time of year.

Their heightened sense of hearing means fireworks, and storms, are very loud and very scary.

Terrified dogs can scale fences they’ve never been able to jump before, rip off security screens, run through glass doors and escape from homes – running with no idea of direction or destination. At AWLQ we consistently notice that the number of stray animals increases after heavy thunderstorms.

During fireworks and storms, make sure that your pet is safely and securely contained in your home.

Setting up a crate for them to hide in can also help. Have multiple water bowls in cool places in case they knock them over, and consult with your vet ahead of time if your pet is anxious.

Don’t leave your pet outside as they can hurt themselves trying to flee the noise, and don’t overly comfort your pet as this can escalate their anxiety.

If you think your pet has gone missing over the New Year’s period contact your local pound as soon as possible. You could also search for lost and found pets Facebook pages in your local area. One of the most effective ways to make sure that your cat or dog always finds their way home is to make sure that they are microchipped and that the microchip contact details are up to date.

These tips proudly brought to you by Animal Welfare League Queensland – caring for South East Queensland’s pet community and  rehoming surrendered and abandoned animals for 57 years.