The Maltese, Shih-Tzu, Terriers, Poodles and the like are affectionately called the “little fluffie’s” at the AWLQ. They are happy little dogs who have the ‘AWWW’ factor and have most passers-by pleading with their loved ones to take them home. Visitors to the AWLQ Rehoming Centre’s are often shocked to see so many of these “little fluffie’s” available for adoption. With names like ‘Sweetie,’ ‘Angie’ and ‘Powder-puff’ and surrendered with the occasional bows still in their hair, these dogs make great companion pets and are often paired with young families or older couples looking for a lap dog to make their family complete.

When we met David he was nursing one of our ‘little fluffies’ in our exercise yard. He was certainly cause for an ‘AWWW’ moment of his own because not only was he holding this little dog like a young infant and rocking backwards and forwards, he had chosen a dog by the name of Tinker-bell.

David had had larger dogs in the past but was looking for something a little less maintenance and when he met Tinker-bell something clicked!

What a great little match David and Tinker-bell make! We can’t wait to hear how she is settling in to her new home where we are sure she is going to receive a lot of love and attention.