Vaccinations are the best protection you have against preventable diseases

While outbreaks of the potentially deadly parvovirus received widespread coverage in 2015, vets at AWLQ’s Community Vet Clinics say the war continues on the highly contagious disease. Is your dog protected? 

“On average we have one case a week on the Gold Coast, but last month we had five dogs admitted to our quarantine facility in seven days,” AWLQ Gold Coast Community Vet Clinic Vet Nathalie Moreitz said.

It’s a scene repeated at the AWLQ’s Ipswich Community Vet Clinic which is also seeing dogs and puppies with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea.

“Parvovirus is a constant problem, with our quarantine facility either full or constantly busy,” Clinic Director Dean Tait said.

“Thankfully, this year doesn’t seem as bad as last year when we had around 150 cases of the potentially fatal disease in the first six months.

“We are currently treating two cases in quarantine, but cases come and go constantly.”

The message from AWLQ community vets is a simple one…

Parvo is usually diagnosed in unvaccinated dogs between one and two years of age, or puppies who haven’t had their full three vaccinations.

“It’s vital that puppies and adult dogs don’t miss any of their vaccinations and shouldn’t be allowed to mix with any unknown animals until they are protected,” Ms Moreitz said.

Parvo vaccinations are vital for puppies at:

  •  6 to 8 weeks
  • 10 to 12 weeks
  • 14 to 16 weeks

AWLQ Community Vet Clinics are based on the Gold Coast on Shelter Road at Coombabah and Tiger Street, West Ipswich. The highly experienced Veterinarian teams will administer the vaccinations at a cost of around $87 each.

puppy getting vaccination

If your pet does contract Parvovirus treatment will cost more than $1,000, your dog will be in agony, and there’s the real possibility that your best friend could die.

“These dogs, on average, spend a week in quarantine, and need another week of intensive home care,” Ms Moreitz said.

If you would like to make a vet appointment for your dog, or other furry or fluffy friends, visit the AWLQ website.

You can always adopt one of AWLQ’s dogs which give you a lifetime of love and come fully vaccinated at