Weston arrived at the shelter sedated. His owner unsure if he would travel well in the car from Lismore to the Gold Coast. He was the love of his owner’s life and his constant companion for six years. But today was the day he had to say goodbye. For medical reasons his owner was no longer able to care for Weston and so he made the decision to find Weston a new home where he would be loved for the rest of his days.

Weston the Fox Terrier and was put up for adoption and our staff wanted to find him a home, FAST. After living as a companion pet who slept on the bed and was loved very much he was finding shelter life very different.

He stood at the front of his pen looking to everyone who would walk past and hoping for a pat and a cuddle. He was taken for regular walks by volunteers, brushed and bathed but still he wanted more.

When the Davis family came to visit the shelter they came with Weston in mind. Having seen him on social media they were aware of his story and were hoping to offer him a home on their farm.

When they met Weston they showered him with cuddles, took photos of him on their iPhones and decided he would be the right fit for their home.

Bre & Zac are looking forward to introducing Weston to his new home and their other dog and promise he is sure to receive lots of love and cuddles. (He may even be able to sleep on the bed!)

AWLQ exists for animals in need just like Weston.

When looking for a new pet please choose adoption. You are giving a second chance to a very lucky and deserving animal.

A huge thank you to the Davis family for opening your hearts and your home to a special little dog in need. CLICK HERE FOR AN UPDATE FROM WESTONS FAMILY