Hi there, I have been in my new home for almost three weeks and I am a happy puppy. I love being in the kitchen when she cooks but she won’t give me any scraps. I think it is because my new big sister got a bit pudgy after her other companion dog died and they want her to lose a bit of weight. Well, the way we are chasing each other around and play fighting, I think she is! There is an animal here they call a pony and I want to play with him too, but he won’t play and my two legged people are trying to teach me not to jump up and nip him. I will get it eventually – I am just making them work really hard! I keep the ducks in their pen, they don’t want to play either. But I am still only a puppy and there are lots of new things out here in the bush to get used to. I wasn’t at the AWL for long, but while I was there, the staff taught me some manners and I have used them to impress my two-leggeds. The kids love me really, and they shouldn’t leave their favourite teddy bears where I can find them (when I sneak into their rooms and hunt around…).
If I keep being so cute for another four days or so, the twenty one days will be up and they will have to keep me forever. HAHA! Secretly I think they love me to bits and will keep me forever anyway.
Thanks for finding these people for me. I am a very happy, settled, and totally besotted puppy.