My husband and I adopted Zeus when he was two years old back in 2005.He had been returned twice for various reasons but we fell in love with him.
When we looked through his cage and asked him to sit  he did! We initially struggled to stop Zeus from escaping our backyard but we were determined not to give in.

After a few months of trial and error, we fostered Mikey, a Border Collie/Corgi puppy from the AWLQ. It was while we were fostering Mikey that we realised Zeus had stopped trying to escape so we made the decision to adopt Mikey as well and the pair became furry best friends.

After a few more months together, Zeus realised he was ’home’ and never tried to escape again. While he didn’t enjoy being social with any dog other than Mikey and the dogs of our extended family, he had an absolute blast just hanging out with his human family with trips on the boat to a quiet beach and anywhere out bush. He loved to chase the birds out of our yard and being protective of us when a stranger came to the door! He slept inside, had lots of cuddles and treats and enjoyed being a rascal.

On 04 November, we had to put Zeus to sleep after a short battle with a blood tumor. He was an amazing dog and we are so proud to have adopted him. He will always be our first dog. Mikey misses his furry brother and we are hoping to find him a new companion from the AWL shortly.

Adopting Zeus was the best decision we made. We miss him dearly.