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For some people who sadly have no family or friends in their life – often their animals are their sole reason for being, they are their saviour and critical to their well-being. As much as these vulnerable people rely on their pets, their beloved pets also rely on their human owners for care and companionship. Animal Welfare League Queensland is committed to being there for these animals when their owner is rushed to hospital or can no longer be there for them, and they have nowhere to go. For some time now, Animal Welfare League Queensland has been working closely with hospitals and support service providers to assist community members and their pets in times of need. The need is ever-growing and unfortunately not being met.

For any enquiries about the program, please contact our Emergency Boarding Coordinator at emergencyboarding@awlqld.com.au or call 07 5509 9014.


How much does the program cost?

The Emergency Boarding program is free and includes boarding of the pet, food for the duration of stay, heartworm/flea /tick preventatives (if required) and a initial Vet health check. 

What locations does the program cover?

We cover from Brisbane North to the NSW border and out to Ipswich, please see map below.


Who can make a referral to the program?

We accept referrals from Case Managers, Case Workers, Social Workers etc. Please complete the enquiry form and the Emergency Boarding Coordinator will get in contact with you to discuss eligibility and send out admission form. 

Can I see my pets while they are in Emergency Boarding?

Unfortunately we are not able to facilitate visits with the pet while they are in foster care however we send out regular photos and updates so you will be up to date with how your pet is going during this time.

What happens if my pet is not suitable for foster care?

If it is determined that your pet is not suitable for foster care we would check availability at our shelters and arrange a pen at the shelter for their stay.

What happens if my pet is aggressive with other animals or people?

Unfortunately we cannot accept referrals for pets that are aggressive, if this is not communicated during referral and this is identified during boarding, the Owner will be contacted immediately to collect their pet and emergency boarding will cease. 

Additional Resources

Download a copy of AWLQ’s Gold Coast Community Directory here

Please note that we are currently working on a directory for the Brisbane, Logan & Ipswich areas and they will be available shortly.