Our Foster Care Program asks our community to open their hearts and homes to our animals who need care outside of the shelter. Fostering is one of the most important ways you can help animals in need. By providing our residents somewhere to stay for just a short amount of time helps save lives.


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Our Foster Care Program

We promise to never euthanise a healthy, sociable or treatable animal in our care. And we believe that all animals that all animals that come into our care deserve to have the best possible chance at finding a loving, permanent home.

Our foster carers have one of the most important roles at the shelter – they allow us to keep our promise to thousands of animal every year.

Once the foster animal has recovered from illness or injury they are returned to AWLQ and join our animal rehoming program.

Sometimes the fostering experience is so special that foster carers choose to adopt the animal they have been caring for. Many of our staff and volunteers are proud of their “foster failures,” the foster animals they have adopted themselves.

What you need to know about pet fostering.

Before you fill out our application form to register your interest in becoming a foster carer, there are a few things to consider.

ANIMALS available for foster


To view all the foster animals currently needing your assistance and looking for a foster carer, please click below.

Foster Applications


If you have read ‘what you need to know about being a foster carer’ and are ready to take the next step,  let’s get you started.


Fostering offers the one-on-one attention and comfort that only a home environment can offer, which is precisely what some animals need to heal.

As a foster carer, you may assist animals with special medical or behavioural needs, mothers with nursing litters or underage animals who need special feeding and socialisation. Or even animals who are recovering from surgeries or may have an injury that requires specific care.


Being a foster carer is a rewarding experience that requires time and commitment. There will be scheduled vet appointments that as a carer you must attend. Reliability and punctuality are essential for the welfare of your foster.

The length of foster assignments varies based on the needs of the animal. You will receive an approximate duration before you commit to an animal. Some of our youngest foster animals need around-the-clock care, including feedings every 2-3 hours. We will match you with a foster assignment that works with your schedule, availability and interests.

Become a Foster carer today!

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