Pet Fostering

Pet Fostering is a very rewarding experience. Taking an animal into your home, caring for them and watching them become healthy, strong and happy is one of the best ways to help animals in need.

Our pet fostering program allows cats and dogs and other companion animals that need some extra TLC the ability to temporarily spend time in a home environment and to be cared for as their own family would. Once the foster animal has recovered from illness or injury they are returned to the Animal Welfare League Qld to join the rehoming program and be adopted into a new home.

Sometimes the fostering experience is so special that foster carers choose to adopt the animal they have been caring for. Many of our staff and volunteers are proud of their “foster failures,” the foster animals they have adopted themselves.

foster dog, fostering animal Animals require foster care for many reasons. Some animals are sick and may require medication to be given and a calm home to recuperate in. Some are recovering from surgeries or may have an injury that requires specific care. We also have animals that need to be fostered for a behavioural reason that may require additional training.

Fostering requires time and commitment. There will be scheduled vet appointments that as a carer you will need to attend. Reliability and punctuality are vital for our centre to operate efficiently and care for all of our animals. At any one time we can have over 600 animals in care.

Please note:

  • Animals that are already in our adoption program are not included in the foster program.
  • Puppies and kittens are only fostered in multiples not individually.
  • Some animals may have conditions that can be caught by other animals.

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