We’re having a Kitten Shower

Each year during kitten season, throughout spring and summer, AWLQ and shelters all around the country become flooded with thousands of homeless helpless kittens. These vulnerable bundles of fluff stretch our resources and facilities to their limits.

All these kittens require supplies to care for them until they are old enough to be adopted by new, loving families. To help manage the demands of kitten season, AWLQ has launched the Kitten Shower initiative, drawing inspiration from traditional baby showers.

A Kitten Shower is precisely what it sounds like – a baby shower but for kittens. Just like humans expecting babies will have a baby shower to gather the things they need to care for their new baby, AWLQ is collecting supplies for all our new arrivals.

Every bottle of kitten formula, every blanket, and every toy that we receive from the community goes a long way in providing care for these kittens. Our Kitten Shower initiative offers a tangible way for animal lovers like you to help directly and meaningfully.

Your support will save lives!

AWLQ has set up a Kitten Shower Wish List and is requesting donations of supplies such as:

  • Womberoo Cat Milk Replacement.
  • Feeding bottle and nipple.
  • Royal Canin baby cat wet and dry.
  • Scales for weighing kittens.
  • Warming mats, beds and blankets.
  • Kitten pens.
  • Feeding bowls [double diners].
  • Worming medication.
  • Kitten toys.

Monetary donations to support veterinary care and specialised equipment are also welcomed and will directly benefit the health and well-being of these kittens.

The generous support of our kind community is crucial during kitten season. Each contribution, no matter how small, makes a huge difference in these kittens’ lives. It brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal – finding a loving home for every kitten under our care.

Let’s come together as a community to support our most vulnerable feline friends during this year’s kitten season. Your help today can change a kitten’s tomorrow.


Kitten Shower Wish List

Gifts $50 to $100

Gifts $30 to $50

Gifts $30 and under