We are very thankful that the media is as passionate about animal welfare as we are. We love sharing our daily miracles and achievements with the community.

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AWLQ’s Public Relations and Communications Manager – Craig Montgomery
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Project Empty Shelter 2017

7 news gold coast

7 news Brisbane

gold fm 92.5 – aj, Bridge & Spida – Project empty sheleter interview


rebel fm 99.4 – AWLQ ambassador jarrod wallace interview


Gold coast bulletin – 196 animals adopted over biggest weekend at animal welfare league at coombabah

THE annual Project Empty Shelter at the Animal Welfare League at Coombabah has been hailed a massive success after 196 of its 250 cats and dogs at the shelter were adopted over the biggest weekend in the centre’s adoption history… read more

gold coast bulletin – the 12 strays of Christmas 

A YOUNG couple approach the front counter of the Coombabah Animal Welfare League, clutching a squirming black and white puppy… read more

AWLQ Event – A Christmas with ita

Channel 7 News – Golden Hearts for Pets

Channel 9 News – Ita Buttrose celebrates Christmas with AWLQ


Senior’s News – ita buttrose talks about her groodle

q weekend – Pet project

Pups on sups

AWLQ Gold Coast needs your help

G2Z Summit 2017 

Gold Coast Bulletin – Animal Welfare League of Queensland’s Gold Coast shelter reduces euthanasia rates

FIFTEEN years ago, nearly a third of this little fella’s mates would have met a sad ending. It was even worse for domesticated cats on the Gold Coast, where half of them in 2002 were euthanised. Today, that rate has fallen to one of the lowest in Australia — to 7 percent for both cats and dogs — and the Animal Welfare League of Queensland (AWLQ) wants to reduce it further…read more

Homeless Connect 2017

AWLQ Interview – Homeless Connect

the ipswich advertiser – desex your cat before it’s too late

ANIMAL Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) and Ipswich City Council have launched a cooperative campaign to assist Ipswich residents to desex their cats before the spring breeding season.
AWLQ veterinarian Dean Tait wants all cat owners to book in their furry friends as soon as possible… read more 

studio 10 – golden hearts seniors’ pet support program – giving pets a second chance


rehoming cat sale: A weekend cat sale on Saturday 17 – 18 june

Animal shelter emptied

gold coast bulletin – best op shops on the gold coast 

Gold Coast Bulletin – Gold Coast Op Shops Find Treasure Among Trash

WORLD War II trench jackets, movie set memorabilia, motorbikes, even a tinnie.
Michelle Muir has seen it all in her time as retail co-ordinator of the Animal Welfare League of Queensland op shops, as someone’s trash becomes someone else’s treasure…read more 

Gold Coast Bulletin – Jarrod Wallace signs up as Animal Welfare League of Queensland ambassador 

Jarrod Wallace has swapped his Titans jersey for a purple Animal Welfare League of Queensland shirt after signing up as an AWLQ ambassador.The State of Origin star said he was keen to get involved after seeing the work done at the charity’s Coombabah shelter…read more  

Gold COast Bulletin – AWLQ partners up with Gold Coast vets for cheap desexing as part of National Desexing Month

The Animal Welfare League is offering a citywide discount on desexing this month before the onslaught of the pet breeding season.
Seven Gold Coast veterinarians have signed up for the promotion.
Nearly one in four families experienced an accidental or unplanned litter with their pet…read more