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27 July 2023

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Dental health is integral to your pet’s well-being, so during the month of August, Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) is offering discounts at its community vet clinics.

AWLQ veterinarian, Dr Amelia Zakiewicz, says dental disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed problems in pets, with four out of five cats and dogs over the age of three, exhibiting some level of poor oral hygiene.

From August 1st to August 31st, pet owners can bring their furry companions to any AWLQ Community Vet Clinic for a 20% discount on scale and polish procedures. This service encourages pet owners to have their teeth examined by professionals and identify any potential dental issues,” said Dr Zakiewicz. 

In pets, dental disease can cause bad breath, infection and pain. If left untreated, it can also lead to life-threatening illness.

To ensure your pet’s oral health is in tip-top shape, AWLQ encourages pet owners to check their furry friend’s teeth regularly. Animals with sore gums, an infected mouth or broken teeth often won’t show pain and will continue to eat, so you may not notice they have problems.

Just like children, your fur babies also need your help with regular tooth brushing. Safer and more effective than chewing, many dogs and cats can be trained to enjoy having their teeth brushed, especially if started while young.

Throughout August, AWLQ will also provide discounted dental procedures and reduced-price dental food.

AWLQ’s Community Vet Clinics will provide a 20% discount on scale and polish procedures. This procedure helps remove tartar and plaque build-up from pets’ teeth, preventing dental disease and promoting better oral health. The discount will make the procedure more accessible to pet owners, encouraging them to take proactive steps in maintaining their pets’ dental hygiene.

To book your pet’s dental appointment at one of AWLQ’s Community Vet Clinics, visit



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