October 23

The Growing Concern of Pet Obesity: A Plea for Awareness and Action.

Pet obesity awareness day sheds light on a growing epidemic among
our furry friends

As we observe Pet Obesity Awareness Day, the Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) wishes to spotlight a rapidly growing epidemic affecting our beloved four-legged companions: pet obesity.

The significance of maintaining a balanced diet and engaging in consistent physical activity for our pets cannot be overstated. Regular exercise and a well-balanced diet ensure our furry friends enjoy good health and live happily.

Did you know some breeds are more prone to weight gain than others? When it comes to cats, breeds like Birmans, Manx, Persians, Ragdolls, and the Sphynx are especially susceptible. For our canine friends, Beagles, Bulldogs, Dachshunds, Labradors, and Pugs seem to top the charts.

Dr Amelia Zakiewicz, AWLQ’s Senior Veterinarian, expresses her concern about the rising trend of pet obesity and its detrimental health impacts.

“Pet obesity extends beyond just the visible weight gain. Overweight pets face many health challenges, from diabetes and joint issues to reduced life expectancy. Pet owners must recognise these risks and actively work towards maintaining their pets within a healthy weight spectrum,” she emphasises.

Consider the story of King Louie, a delightful 10.7 kg feline housed at AWLQ. This spirited cat personifies the ongoing pet obesity issue. Eager to begin his weight loss journey, he’s looking for a compassionate home willing to guide him through this transformative process.

“King Louie represents countless pets experiencing similar weight challenges. Witnessing his enthusiasm for a healthier lifestyle, when given the appropriate support, is genuinely uplifting,” adds Dr Zakiewicz.

To effectively tackle pet obesity, Dr Zakiewicz advocates a multifaceted approach. This includes a nutritionally balanced diet, routine veterinary check-ins, and consistent daily exercise. Adopting a pet like King Louie provides a unique opportunity for future pet owners: the chance to positively reshape their lives and that of a deserving pet.

“The bond between pets and their owners is a beautiful one. It’s even more rewarding when you can share a health and wellness journey together,” says Dr Zakiewicz.

Sarah Ambler’s story with Stanley, her adopted Labrador from AWLQ, proves the transformative power of care and dedication. Given Labradors’ predisposition to weight gain, Stanley weighed an astonishing 44 kg upon his arrival at Sarah’s home.

Sharing her experience, Sarah says, “Witnessing Stanley’s transformation post a 15 kg weight loss has been truly remarkable. His vitality, playfulness, and overall contentment have skyrocketed. By integrating a structured diet and regular physical activities, we didn’t just aim for weight reduction. We aspired to enrich his quality of life. Every pet is deserving of this commitment.”

AWLQ invites all to visit and meet King Louie, Jet, and numerous other pets eager for adoption at their facility. Together, we can spread awareness about pet obesity and create healthier, happier lives for our furry friends.