Moving House

Are you moving house and are finding it stressful to manage pets at the same time?

Plan in advance, particularly if you are renting and you are likely to need to move at some point in the future e.g. if the owner sells the property.

  • Learn how to train, socialise and entertain your dog/cat to become confident, well-mannered, and friendly so that he/she can settle happily in to a new environment without causing fear or nuisance to landlords or neighbours.
  • Get references for your dog in advance – from your veterinarian or dog obedience instructor or previous landlord
  • Find real estate agents in advance who are sympathetic to helping people with pets so that you can go to them when you need them e.g. First National Real Estate has an online pet friendly rental search:
  • Research suburbs and apartment blocks in advance, by visiting them and asking locals who have dogs/cats, as some will be more pet friendly than others
  • Consider neat but older properties without well-manicured gardens – owners of these properties are often more open to tenants with pets
  • Choose a location that most suits your ability to exercise your dog and keep your cat/dog safe and happy.
  • Ask friends or family members in advance to identify who will care for you AND your animal temporarily if you have to shift with little notice.
  • Don’t give up – your dog/cat is part of your family and so should stay with you provided you love and care for him/her. Seek lots of advice/help from local community organisations so that you can keep your best friend.