School Work Experience

As you can imagine, our organisation is an extremely popular choice for school students wishing to conduct their Work Experience placement at AWLQ Gold Coast Rehoming Centre. Many of our Work Experience students go on to become Teen Volunteers who make a significant contribution to our Volunteer Program.

We usually book up many months in advance, so please book early to avoid disappointment. This program is only on offer at AWLQ’s Gold Coast Rehoming Centre.

We conduct a 4 Day Program within a 1 week period with the option of either Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday. We do not operate the program on weekends or school holidays. Students will receive training and guidance as well as a staff mentor but will not be supervised at all times. The ability to work independently and unsupervised is essential, so we expect students to be very mature, proactive and treat the experience as a real job. For each placement we require two students from the one school, who fit the above requirements, and can complete the placement together. Alternatively, if any students are unable to work unsupervised the school must must provide a Teacher Aide (in lieu of the second placement) who can remain with the student at all times.


STEP 1 – School contacts AWLQ: Each year, AWLQ is flooded with thousands of individual requests from students wishing to conduct their Work Experience placement with us. Whilst we recognise the school’s wish for the students to seek work experience independently, for a very popular choice like the AWLQ we simply do not have enough resources to reply to each student individually.

Instead, the School’s Career Advisor should email us with the placement request, including the details of the two identified students and their available placement dates. The Careers Advisor will then act a as a single point of contact between AWLQ and the school.

STEP 2 – AWLQ confirms/declines placement: After checking our scheduling and calendar and the students’ capabilities, AWLQ will either confirm or decline the placement.

STEP 3 – Paperwork: If the placement is accepted, the school will be responsible for sending through the necessary insurance documents and paperwork to AWLQ.

STEP 4 – Commencement: Once all paperwork is signed, the work experince commences on the agreed date and time.

Thank you.