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Pets make the workplace better so Take Your Dog to Work

Take Your Dog to Work Day on Friday, 21 June serves as a reminder of pets’ important role in our lives, promoting a healthier work-life balance and fostering a more positive work environment.

The day is an enjoyable event, encouraging employers and employees to embrace the unique bond between humans and their four-legged companions. AWLQ recognises the significant benefits pets bring to our lives and, through this event, aims to showcase their positive impact on workplace morale and productivity.

Studies have shown that having dogs in the workplace can reduce stress, increase employee satisfaction and improve teamwork and collaboration. In addition, pets are known to promote a sense of well-being and contribute to a more relaxed and enjoyable work atmosphere. By
participating in Take Your Dog to Work Day, AWLQ encourages a fun and inclusive workplace culture and highlights the importance of responsible pet ownership.

“Take Your Dog to Work Day is a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate the bond between humans and animals,” says Caroline Esera, Marketing & Communications Manager at Animal Welfare League Queensland.

“We believe that having pets in the workplace benefits the employees and brings attention to the thousands of animals in shelters waiting for their forever homes.”

AWLQ is committed to improving the welfare of animals across Queensland and this event aligns perfectly with its mission. By participating in Take Your Dog to Work Day, they hope to raise awareness about pet adoption and encourage potential pet owners to consider giving a loving home to or donating to animals in need.

AWLQ partner and leading national animal welfare charity Companion Animal Network Australia (Australia CAN or CANA) will also be officially launching its Pets in Business program to help employers set up pet-friendly policies that meet the needs of the business, non-pet owners and petowning staff.’

CANA’s Pets in Business program provides FREE resources to support the workplace, such as Pet Resume, Pet Friendly Workplace and Pet Free Zone Posters, Rules for Pets and Humans, and Office Pet Roster.

For a donation, CANA can also set up employers with a branded Pets In Business kit that includes rules and regulations that meet the needs of everyone in the workplace. All donations go towards supporting the work of CANA member agencies.

For more information, resources or a branded Pets in Business kit, please visit

AWLQ invites other organisations and businesses across Queensland and Australia to join this meaningful initiative. By participating, companies can demonstrate their commitment to employee wellbeing, while also supporting the mission of Animal Welfare League Queensland and the welfare of animals in their community. For more information, please visit


For all media enquiries and interview requests, please contact:
Caroline Esera
Marketing & Communications Manager
0431 658 934

About Animal Welfare League Queensland
Founded in 1959, AWLQ has become a trusted leader in animal welfare. We provide a safe haven and second chance for more than 10,000 stray and homeless animals annually. To each of these animals we welcome through our doors, we promise never to euthanise a healthy, sociable, or
treatable animal in our care. In addition to our shelter work, we are committed to keeping pets and people together by providing lifesaving support and resources to people in need with companion animals. We are known for our grassroots and innovative community-based animal welfare work, including our community vet clinic