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Dental Procedures


Some of the symptoms associated with dental disease include bad breath, bleeding gums, swollen or loose teeth.

Dental disease is caused by bacterial plaque build-up along the gum line, which can potentially lead to problems such as gingivitis, tooth root abscesses, pain and in severe cases bacteraemia (bacteria in the blood stream which can cause heart, liver and kidney disease).

Therefore, it is crucial that you have your pet’s mouth checked regularly by a vet to assess any problem in early stages and make sure your pet’s teeth and mouth are healthy.

Our clinic offers free dental checks, where a veterinarian will examine your pet’s mouth to look for:

  • Plaque, calculus and gingivitis.
  • Broken or missing teeth.
  • Discoloured teeth, masses and obvious periodontal disease.

If dental disease is found, the vet may recommend a scale and polish under anaesthesia to clean the teeth and extraction of decayed teeth if required.

A simple prevention for you as an owner is brushing your pet’s teeth at home. It is recommended brushing once a day or at least twice a week. Alternatively, there are prescription diets to prevent dental disease.

Check with your vet for the most suitable toothpaste, brush and procedures according to your pet.