A fundraiser for an Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) puppy who needs ongoing help to walk has raised thousands of dollars overnight.

Twelve week old Arlo stole the hearts of social media supporters who donated more than $3,000 to her care on GoFundMe – AWLQ Operation Get Arlo Walking campaign.

“An incredibly generous 112 people donated towards Arlo’s care and in just five hours our target had been reached, and surpassed,” AWLQ Senior Rehoming Manager Melinda Phipps said.

“We can’t thank those enough who shared the campaign, donated and offered their encouragement.

“People have already come forward saying they are also keen to adopt Arlo.”

Arlo was delivered to AWLQ in a laundry basket three weeks ago.

The then nine week old puppy didn’t have use of her back legs. This didn’t stop the plucky staffy from dragging herself across the floor.

AWLQ Community Vet Clinic and Shelter Vet Clinic teams both assessed her and suspected Neosporosis, a parasitic infection that is most commonly seen in puppies, that affects the use of the back legs. Without an expensive spinal tap it was impossible to accurately diagnose and then treat her condition.

“The spinal tap was $1,200 alone and her ongoing costs will be considerable so we looked to raise $3,000 from the community,” her foster carer and AWLQ Dog Team Rehoming Supervisor Megan Payette said.

In the intervening three weeks Arlo has shown her absolute drive to not just walk but run with the big dogs that she is currently fostered with.

“Arlo loves Junior and Ronda and follows them everywhere,” Ms Payette said.

“She is determined to keep up.

“My husband built her a wheelchair and she refuses to use it. Instead she chases after the dogs herself.”

Her love of the big dogs, ongoing physio, hydrotherapy and the possibly lifesaving antibiotics Arlo is on have all contributed to an already incredible improvement in her condition.

“Arlo is not the kind of puppy who you should pity,” Ms Payette said.

“She will never just sit in the corner she is already showing incredible improvement as her back legs gain strength.

“We just knew that with ongoing care this dog, who loves life and wants to live it to the fullest, will walk and run again. We want to thank everyone who has given her this opportunity.”

The AWLQ Operation Get Arlo Walking campaign continues even though the target has been reached as AWLQ has started a fund for other animals in its care which need additional treatment.

“AWLQ has always funded any specialist or intensive treatment we don’t have the equipment or facilities for in its own vet clinics from general donations. What an incredible legacy this puppy is providing,” Ms Phipps said.

You can donate to Arlo and other animals’ care on the GoFundMe page – AWLQ Operation Get Arlo Walking campaign and follow Arlo’s progress on the AWLQ Facebook page.

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