C.A.T. Volunteers are central to this program.
You will be providing ground-breaking change in your community by participating and giving your time, commitment, and passion to this project.

Please note: This program is only currently offered in Ipswich City, so volunteers need to live in or near Ipswich in Queensland, Australia. We hope to be able to expand this program to other cities and towns when time and resources allow.  

You can choose

  • Regular Rostered Volunteer roles for half or full days working with staff on a range of activities and/or
  • Flexible Volunteer roles where you choose as many as you think suit your skills and capabilities and would like to help with. We contact you whenever we need help with these specific activities.



  A snapshot of roles general volunteers may be involved in:

  • door-knocking to find owned, semi-owned and unowned cats who are not desexed
  • organising with the owner/carer:
  • free/low cost desexing
  • transport to the vet clinic
  • carriers for transporting cats
  • providing free food
  • trapping unsocialised cats for desexing, and returning them to where they live in selected suburbs
  • delivering cat deterrent devices to people with cat nuisance issues and finding the owners/carers of these cats to desex and help keep contained

Flexible roles you can select from:

  1. CAT Ambassadors – help find undesexed cats in targeted suburbs in Ipswich, & provide information/support to get cats desexed. 
  2. CAT Transporters – using own car, transporting cats for desexing
  3. Lead CAT Trappers (experienced) – organising trapping and returning cats to where they were trapped
  4. Assistant CAT Trappers – assisting with trapping and returning cats to where they were trapped
  5. CAT Desexing Vet Nursing – experienced vet nurses or 4th or 5th Yr vet students
  6. CAT Desexing Support – getting paperwork signed, collecting cats, setting up cages/carriers with bedding/covers, cleaning kits/equipment, monitoring cats, returning cats to owners.
  7. Working Cat Placement – transporting cats and setting them up in dog crates etc for new working cat placements, following up with cats’ settling in and release
  8. CAT Foster Carers
    • Socialisers –socialise cats/kittens, particularly in suburbs where can’t be returned to where they live
    • Medical – care for cats that can’t be returned immediately due to illness/injury – care for a few weeks
    • Heavily pregnant Mum cats that can’t be desexed and need to deliver kittens or have just delivered kittens and need to be cared for 6-8 weeks
    • Hold Older Kittens til desexing – 1-3 weeks
    • Caring for very young kittens without Mum
  9. CAT Food Delivery
  10. CAT Enclosure Building – need general handyperson skills



We look forward to working with you to provide this important community service.