Chip in to Chippy’s Fund!



When you donate to Chippy’s Fund, together we’ll be able to help even more animals in need.

World Animal Day, on 4 October, is a movement that aims to raise awareness to improve welfare standards and create a world where animals are always recognised as sentient beings.

When Animal Welfare League Queensland was founded back in 1959, by a group of Gold Coast locals, including my dad Neil Andersen as Founding President, a commitment was made – to change the world for stray and homeless animals by providing them with a second chance at life.

Amongst this dedicated group was a little blind dog called Chippy, who was also an integral part of the organisation and was a fixture at all fundraising activities.


Chippy, a little blind dog, was a fixture at all fundraising activities in the early days.

The legacy left by the Founding Committee is a profound one – not only have they assisted in changing the community’s attitude towards animals and their welfare, but their vision has resulted in thousands of animals being spared from certain death and created one of Australia’s leading animal welfare organisations.

And here we are, more than 60 years later, still working tirelessly every day to maintain this commitment and make the world a better place for animals.

In the early years, Chippy spent long hours in hotels, in the street, and at various functions holding up her paws and begging for donations with a box in front of her saying “I’m a lucky doggie, a lot of my mates are not. Please help them!

So it is only fitting, as we head towards World Animal Day, that we share with you today the launch of Chippy’s Fund. A fund that has been created by AWLQ to provide lifesaving vet support.


Oxygen boxes deliver a controlled level of oxygen to patients in respiratory distress.

At Animal Welfare League Queensland, we have open doors and open hearts – we never say no to an animal in need of veterinary care. Our shelter vet clinics play a vital role in AWLQ’s Rehoming Program, with more than 168,000 animals adopted into loving homes since 1959, saving them from certain death. And our community vet clinics keep pets with their families by ensuring that people never need to face a decision to unnecessarily euthanise or surrender their much-loved companion animals.

This is only possible due to the generous support of our community and the kindness of people like you.

When you donate to Chippy’s Fund you will allow us to make the world of difference to animals in need.  Together, we will be able to purchase medical equipment for our shelter and community vet clinics, we will be able to cover veterinary operational expenses and specialist surgery expenses. But most importantly, with your support of Chippy’s Fund, together we’ll be able to save more lives and help ensure that pets and their families will be kept together.


Incubators provide a temperature-controlled environment to orphaned newborn animals.

First on the Chippy’s Fund wish-list is:

  • An X-ray machine and digital developer to improve the diagnosis of medical conditions, improve patient care, support better patient outcomes and expand consultation capabilities.
  • An incubator to provide a quiet, safe, temperature-controlled environment to orphaned newborn animals during their first few weeks of life.
  • An oxygen box to deliver a controlled level of oxygen to smaller patients with signs of respiratory distress who are in life-threatening situations or critical conditions.
  • Syringe drivers to gradually administer small amounts of fluid into patients to maintain a constant level of medication for symptom management.

Animal Welfare League Queensland desperately needs this lifesaving veterinary equipmentwith the kindness of our generous supporters we hope to achieve our goal of raising $75,000.00 to purchase this vital equipment and kick start Chippy’s Fund.

Will you chip in to Chippy’s Fund?   Together, we can help make more second chances possible. By donating today, you’ll be supporting our lifesaving efforts – giving more animals the hope and relief they need. Please make your special gift now.

On behalf of the animals who count on us, thank you. Please know how grateful we are for your unfailing devotion now and throughout the year.

Every dollar will make a difference for animals in need. It is our commitment to you that every dollar you generously donate will enable us to achieve long-term improvements for animal welfare.