If you find a stray cat or have a nuisance cat in the Ipswich Council area, we encourage you to:

  1. Use the strategies in the Found a cat brochure to look for the owner
  1. If you live in these suburbs – Goodna, Redbank Plains, Rosewood, Leichhardt, One Mile or West Ipswich – and need help with desexing stray cats, finding the owner of a wandering cat or preventing a nuisance issue, complete and submit this Stray Cat Information Form, before you hire a trap or bring the cat to the Ipswich pound. The AWLQ Cat Assistance Team (C.A.T.) will contact you and work with you to resolve your concerns.

    Due to limited resources, this community support is only available in some suburbs. We look forward to expanding this support to other Ipswich suburbs if more funding becomes available.

  1. If you need to bring a stray cat to the Ipswich Rehoming Centre urgently e.g. the cat is sick or injured, is in danger or there is nowhere safe for you to hold the cat, complete this Stray Cat Information Form when you arrive to help the Cat Assistance Team find the owner or carer and offer them support.

It is far more efficient and fairest for all concerned if we help find the owner or carer and provide support for them to prevent wandering issues where possible. This saves the time, cost and stress of a cat being impounded and the extensive and costly process (both physically and mentally) of finding a positive outcome for it. 

We want to find best solutions for all affected by the situation i.e.

·        You

·        The cat

·        The cat’s owner or carer, if there is one

·        The community who live in the area where the cat lives and are positively or negatively affected by it

·        The Council and AWLQ staff and volunteers who have to care for this stressed cat, along with many other cats, and find the best options for them and the community

·         The whole Ipswich community who fund the Animal Management Centre.