Long term resident Forest the tabby cat arrived at the shelter in October 2012. This friendly five year old was vet checked and desexed before settling in to her new home to wait patiently for her second chance in a happy home.

Forest was a cuddly, playful cat who liked to interact with the other cats in her pen. She also enjoyed sitting up high perched strategically so she could get the best view of the world below her. With her endearing personality our staff thought she would find a home in no time but thanks to the inundation of kittens at the shelter poor Forest was constantly overlooked.

Weeks turned in to months and before long Forest had been at the shelter for five months. We had promoted Forest in print advertising but it wasn’t until a post on Facebook that his new owner got in touch to learn more about this gorgeous girl.

Julie and her family were looking for a new cat for their son to love. Sam had wanted a new cat to keep his current cat company when he wasn’t home. When the family came to visit Forest they knew she was the cat for them. Forest and Sam got on so well and she purred and purred as he patted her gently.

Sam promises to keep everyone updated on Facebook so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks for choosing to adopt