AWLQ’s recent four day promotion “Game of Bones” found homes for a massive 329 companion cats and dogs across our rehoming centres! We have heard hundreds of happy stories in the days since the promotion including the one below.

“I visited the AWLQ Warra shelter over the weekend for the ‘Game of Bones’ promotion hoping to leave with a feline companion.

My partner and I were there for over an hour looking at all the kitties, simply finding it so hard to decide on one. All the volunteers there that day were very helpful and knowledgeable, telling us all about the personalities of all the cats.

Finally, we came across Lilo – a gorgeous medium-hair tortoiseshell kitty.

We patted her and although she was scared and shy, she seemed so sweet and affectionate, and was so beautiful. I instantly fell in love with her. As I looked into her gorgeous green eyes, I had finally come to a decision!

On the drive home, she didn’t want to stay in her carrier-box. She kept poking her head up and climbing out, ending up sitting next to me and looking out the windows.

She has settled in very well at her new home and is the most lovely, beautiful, clever, affectionate cat I’ve ever come across. She loves her new scratcher, looking out the big windows into the street and falling asleep in her sunny spot on the carpet, taking naps on our bed, and just being such a sweet, sweet girl.
I love all her adorable sleeping positions and how she rolls over and lets you rub her belly.

Lilo has really stolen my heart. I love this adorable, sleepy fluff-ball so much already!

She is so happy in her new home, and I plan on spoiling this girl rotten.

Thank you so much AWLQLD, I have found my new best friend!