We considered getting another dog for 3 years. Our beloved 16 year old Ernie (Kelpie x Basenji) died in 2009 and we couldn’t imagine another dog we could love in the same way. Well just over 3 years later we were feeling ready. I was an avid viewer of the AWL Facebook page, always looking for “our” dog.

Then one day I noticed a funny looking dog called Jedi. “He’s a bit odd looking” I thought and kept looking. But then I saw more photos of him posted on Facebook and started to notice how gorgeous he was, and I read with interest what a lovely happy boy he was.

One Monday afternoon I could no longer resist the urge to drive to the AWL and bring Jedi home. I was nervous and felt like I was being propelled to go and get this dog. I popped the kids in the car after school, told hubby to meet us there, and got ready for our lives to change.

The lovely staff at the AWL stayed late for us to adopt Jedi. Thank You!!!!

Seven weeks later he is such a wonderful addition to our family. Jed is alot more patient with the kids than I am, ha ha. They love him, I love him, even the hubby loves him. Hubby wasn’t so sure at first but has really grown to love Jedi. It’s hard not to love him. He’s so obedient, happy, loves other dogs, loves people, is soooo patient with kids and really just wants a cuddle or to be nearby. I now have a shadow throughout the house, which at first was a little daunting but I’ve gradually got used to the furry stalker in my home.

We are taking him on a driving holiday with us. I’m sure he’ll love the close confines of the back seat with the kids. All those cuddles!!!!

What a great feeling to have given this lovely boy a long, happy family life. Thanks AWL for introducing us to Jed.