I just wanted to let you know that Holly has fitted in so well with my partner and I, and my other dog Josie. We love her to death and she is already coming out of her shell. Josie and Holly have truly become best friends. I was a little concerned at first because Holly didn’t bond with me straight away, and Josie didn’t really care when we introduced them, but something told me that she was the right soul for us.

It’s funny, I know that she wasn’t presented as a dog that likes walks, but after a few initial stubborn sit downs, Holly now loves to run with me every morning.

 My partner then takes the two of them for an afternoon beach walk and we have an evening stroll before bed. She has bonded so well to my older dog Josie and copies everything she does, so much so that we can’t separate one without the other (being older Josie gets worn out and Holly won’t go anywhere without her). Now we all enjoy daily cuddles, and the notorious bum wiggles.

 As you will see from the attached images Holly still has a lot of puppy in her. She loves to chew up Josie’s mat (we are working on this) and steals funny objects from around the house like cardboard boxes, and dish washing sponges. She has a really sneaky personality too, a couple of times my partner has lost sandwiches which he left on the bench. This is all a part of the fun journey and we can assure you that she is in her forever home, and will continue to be spoilt and well cared for. I would like to extend a personal thank you to everyone who was a part of Holly’s life during her time with you. She is a great dog and we are so happy. I have attached some images of her life with Josie.

You are amazing people to do what you do, and thank you again for allowing us to take Holly home to the Sunshine Coast just in time for Christmas. Not all the piccies can attach to this email so I will send more separately.

Warmest regards Bree, Harland, Holly and Josie xxx