I wanted to give another cat a home.

I had Smokey who I adopted from the AWL in May 2006. He is a gentle man and knew it would be easier to introduce a kitten so when I met the then ‘Mystery’ at the shelter, she would not leave me alone! I brought he home and she fell in love with my husband immediately.

Smokey was another matter, he was not impressed with this little girl taking taking attention away from him! It took a week of gradually getting them together and then all was good, Mish seems to respect Smokey being an older cat and she askes him nicely if he can wash the top of her head for her! When she was a kitten, she would burry her face into his belly and try to suckle for him!

Smokey layed there like a mother with his kitten and I am sure if Smokey had a litter of kittens he would look after them like a mother cat! I love my cats and could not be without them.

I know people have to surender their pets sometimes for reasons beyond their control but I would never leave my cats and would always consider their needs as if they were my own children. They are part of our family.